Sunday, February 19, 2012

Striking balance

Wow - where the heck have I been?  I have no excuses for my blog laziness... and unfortunately not a lot of overly exciting news to report.  After the marathon many weeks ago, it's been great to get back into more of a 'normal' swimbikerun routine.  I've really been enjoying putting the running to the bottom of the priority pile in terms of focus, and instead focusing on swimming and biking, and of course strength and hot yoga.

I've consistently been biking and swimming each 3 times a week since the marathon, and overall feeling so much better physically.  I felt like when I was training for the marathon, it was all about running running running, and the other sports really suffered and my body was not as 'balanced'.  But now, I think I've found that fine balance where I'm getting in what I need to for swim/bike/run and also there's time to fit in the strength and hot yoga. Mind you, I'm not doing a whole lot of volume at the moment, but there's quality involved (except for running!).  My times are quickly coming back to where they should be in the pool and my legs are feeling stronger and stronger each time I ride my bike.  I'm certainly not following any structured training plan but more just doing what I feel like doing and going with the flow.  I even took last Sunday completely off - okay I was *forced* to take the day off due to being somewhat under the weather from the previous night's festivities... it was a late one and I was in no shape to run, even at 2pm so had to cancel on my running buddy:(  And thought I would still get on my trainer later that day but never actually did, the couch seemed more comfortable...

random photo: so hats are makin' a comeback - like my new 'fiddler' hat?

Also I've been spending more time in the kitchen cooking - gasp, who me?  You got it - you might say I'm channeling my inner Betty Crocker. I even started using my oven about a month ago...I should mention that Geoff's and my oven has not been used to cook anything other than a frozen pizza in the 3.5 years we've lived here!  I'm so impressed with myself! Haha!  I'm trying to focus on mostly cooking "whole" foods, rather than processed stuff, such as fresh vegetables/meats, making my own sauces for pasta (yes I know pasta is processed, I said "mostly"), and making my own patties for hamburgers.  Of course, I still eat bagels for breakfast, but some things will never change...

Baked salmon in red wine/mango chutney/mustard sauce, roased yams (lightly tossed in oil, salt and pepper) and roasted asparagus (drizzled with balsamic vinegar) - see I use my oven!  Julie- you got me hooked onto the yams - and i freakin love them!

Mmmm, dinner is served...

In regards to race schedule for 2012, this is still a work in progress but I can say that at the moment I'm actually not yet signed up for even a single race!  Um, what?  It's kinda nice actually, feeling really laid-back this year and not tied down to anything.  I feel like I needed a pretty big break after Phoenix and didn't want to 'commit' to anything too soon.  But here are my rough plans for 2012 racing - some of it tentative, some of it a for sure thing:
  • April 16 - St. Albert 10 miler
  • May 6 - St. Albert Run Wild 1/2 marathon (tentative)
  • June 16 - Calgary Chinook Olympic Triathlon 
  • July 8 - Edmonton ITU Olympic Triathlon (tentative)
  • July 29 - Calgary Ironman 70.3
  • August 19 - Canmore Triathlon or Kelowna Apple Triathlon (tentative)
  • September 9 - Vegas Ironman 70.3 Worlds (tentative) 
That's all I got so far and it's very much subject to change.  There may be a sprint tri or two and/or running race thrown in July or August with my sister Alice, not sure which one but the good thing about those is you can just sign up the week before, no need to plan ahead!  I've also got a non-training/non-race trip planned to Europe which includes a cruise from Italy for a few weeks from mid-May to beginning of June with Geoff (what? a trip that doesn't involve triathlon? could that be a vacation?), which is why there are no races from mid-may to mid-June. 

I guess I better get my butt in gear and start signing up for some races...