Wednesday, March 28, 2012

spring at last

Seems Wednesdays are the only time I have a free second to catch up here! Lately I've just been rolling along with the usual routine of work, train, coach swimming, eat eat eat.  However, I have found a new hobby for myself in the recent present - baking!  haha! I've been cooking up a storm over here, making muffins, oatmeal squares, cupcakes, corn bread, cookies, etc [but now listing them all here together makes me realize it's maybe not the healthiest of lists].  Something weird has happened and all of a sudden I actually enjoy cooking!  So that's where i've been spending some time lately - just call me Betty Crocker!

Banana muffins with strawberries thrown in - they turned out marvelous!  too bad i can't get the picture to rotate properly.

Salad for dinner: mixed greens, avocado, strawberries, pecans, prawns, and olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing. Mmmmm

Amongst all these baked goods (the extra calories of which definitely need to be burned off), I've been training a solid amount as well.  My long run is up to 1:45 (last weekend), and I've been consistent with biking 3x/week and swimming 3x/week as well.  Other than the 10 Miler, the races seem so far away, but it's now almost April so it's about time to buckle down and try and increase the volume a little.  This coming Sunday I was planning to do the Coyote Run, a 22km run (not a race) at 9am that my club organizes each year, with a potluck brunch at the end.  But plans have had to be modified, as I now have to fly to Toronto for work at 1pm (instead of 4pm as initially thought), so I'll have to do a long run on Saturday instead and then get up early on Sunday to fit in a quick bike workout.  I'm kind of disappointed to miss the club run, but c'est la vie- you just have to make it work sometimes.  If that means juggling a few workouts around, no problem. 

This is what happens when I bring work home with me...

Other than that, I'm still not actually signed up for any races (wtf) - need to get my butt in gear and pull out the credit card.   Will definitely be doing that soon but one thing at a time as I just booked a bunch of Europe flights on it for May!  The scoop on that later...

Looking forward to Easter next weekend and spending time with my family - also, I get a day off from work. And more importantly, I get a day off from work!! I just recently realized that the last day off of work I had was on January 16!  More than 2 months, that seems a little long.  January-March can be tough, as really there are no holidays in that period (we worked Family Day), so that makes me even more glad that the end of March is in a few days!  That and the weather *should* keep getting warmer and warmer, as this is now [officially] spring!  here's hoping...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

business as usual

Wow, where the heck have I been?  Yes, I've been slacking on the posts lately - it has been almost 4 weeks!  Nothing crazy exciting to update about, just been rolling along with training and day to day life.  It's getting to be that time of year when spring is just around the corner, winter is *pretty much* behind us (hopefully I didn't speak too soon!), and a new race season is nearly upon us.  I love this time of year, so much to look forward to!

Training last week was solid, I ended up getting in a comfortable 11 hours.  As I get closer to my first tri of the season, i'll probably bump this up a couple hours.  My long run on Sunday was 1:40 and was fantastic.  One of those runs where you feel like you're just floating along, and picking up the pace to negative split the run feels almost effortless.  Everything felt good during this workout, and it certainly didn't hurt that the sun was shining and it was about 6C, just fabulous.  This run gave me the mental boost I needed to decide that I will for sure race the St. Albert 10 miler on April 15.  I've been sort of 'humming and hawing' a bit and not feeling overly great in my running lately, and just doing random unstructured runs.  i wasn't really motivated to jump into a race feeling like that.  But now, the motivation has returned and I find myself getting excited at the prospect of a race next month!  Now I just need to get in shape for the damn thing!

Last week I finally began adding intervals to my running, as I haven't done any since before January.  It's about time to bring back some speed, as I definitely have a good base now.  I had another run interval session tonight after work, which was a 50min run (on the trails near my office) including 8 x 2min fast with 1min easy jog between each.  It was a good workout, although I was a little over-ambitious in my choice of running gear and ended up kind of under-dressed, leaving my gloves in the car, wearing capri's, not realizing it was around zero or just below with the windchill!  I had to run harder to warm up!  It was a double whammy workout today as following the run I drove the <5min straight to a killer 60 min strength session with the trainer I work with (Body Architects).  Let's just say I was absolutely starving when I arrived home!  And I think every muscle group is going to be sore tomorrow!

Yummy salad I made with dinner the other night - mixed greens, pecans, strawberries, cucumber, avocado, and olive oil/balsamic vinegar for dressing.  

I'll probably start adding in a second short speed workout each week (like 60-90sec intervals, done on the treadmill), maybe even this week.  The long run distance will also increase a bit over the next few weeks.  And I just realized that it's only 4 weeks till the 10 miler race!  For some reason I thought I had more time... Well, I'll make sure the next few weeks are quality.  I definitely love this race and know the course very well, as it's literally in my backyard (my house is right on the race route! How can I not race).

That's it for now, I will definitely make more of an effort to post more frequently.  The next few weeks will be occupied mostly with training, work, and spending whatever free time is left at home with G and the dogs.   So there should be time to fit in an update here and there!  Or not...

When Geoff and I have any free time on our hands, stuff like this happens:

And like this: Hugo wasn't super enthusiastic about wearing this t-shirt: