Friday, July 20, 2012

Crushing PB's and more pics from ITU

Last Sunday I decided to jump into a local 10k race with Deborah, United Cycle's 'Lap the Track', which took place at the Indy race track.  The course was 3 laps, super flat, and awesome! It just so happened to be a downpour on Sunday, so everything about the race was sopping wet.  It was a super small field, as United Cycle wanted to use this inaugural year as a test event.  The course was a certified course by Athletics Alberta, and one of the Timex National Road Race Series, so it was dead accurate.  I loved the course! 

I was really hoping to run a decent time, but the race was at the end of a nearly 15hr training week for me, and my legs were super fried from ~9hrs of biking that week.  However, my race was superb!  I ran as hard as I could, and it was kind of refreshing to run in the rain, although my shorts and singlet were dripping wet by the 2nd lap and my shoes were completely drenched as there were huge puddles all over the course.  During the last lap I had some tummy trouble but was able to keep pressing on.  I didn't look at my watch until the very last turn, when there was about 500m to go, and I was shocked to see 41-high on my watch.  This gave me an added boost to the finish line - and I ended up running a 43:36 which is a nearly 90sec PB for me [my previous PB was 44:59 in Sept 2011]!  Also, I placed 3rd female overall so I scooped up some prize money!  Not to mention the Timex watch I won as a draw prize at the end - this race rocks!  I definitely plan to be back next year.  

This is a huge PB for me and gives me lots of confidence heading into my next race, as I wasn't rested or tapered in the least.  Finally, a big chunk of change off my 10k personal best, that's what I like to see!  Here's to crushing more PB's in the near future...

Here are some cool pics from the ITU race a few weeks ago, courtesy of Mike Gerencser. Thanks Mike, these turned out great! 

Just finished the swim in the duck poop lake

 Starting the looong run to transition

 Finishing a lap and ready to start another

Finishing up another lap

 proof of my dumb-@$$-ness, there is the dismount line!

 Serving my 'stop & go' penalty, otherwise known as the 'dum-dum penalty' 

 Finished it off!

Ouch, that hurt!

 Happy to be done! 

This Sunday is the Tour D'Alberta and I'm riding the 100km route with a bunch of STARRT peeps.  I plan to go at a fairly leisurely pace, as I don't want to kill the legs a week before a 70.3!  Then it will be a week of tapering down and Alice and I will be heading to Calgary.  My race schedule after that is sort of up in the air but there are some exciting possibilities in the works!  Stay tuned....


Julie said...

WOW!!!! Congratulations Lisa!!! That is a massive improvement in you 10km time! All the years of work and consistency are paying off for you -- congratulations again! :) :)

I am very excited for you to rock the Calgary 70.3!!

Lisa Graham said...

Thanks! I'm super happy with it and looking forward to more improvements!

mike said...

Sweet pics and congrats on the run PB!!!

Lisa Graham said...

Thanks Mike! And I can't wait to read your IMLP report - you so killed it out there!