Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time to go play with the big girls

Originally, my plan for racing this year was to qualify for the Vegas 70.3 World Champs at the Calgary 70.3 race, and focus on Vegas in September as my key race.  While I was pretty confident that qualifying was within my reach, I was still surprised and thrilled to accomplish this goal by winning my age group.  However, I decided to pass on my slot in favour of other race plans.  The decision was simple due to lots of significant upcoming life events (i.e. Geoff starts law school in Saskatoon Sept. 4), as well as associated costs and logistics of the Vegas trip.

And now for the *other* race plans...

I decided just before the Calgary 70.3 race that I really wanted to race the Kelowna Apple Tri this year (Aug.19), and then probably the Subaru Banff Tri on Sept. 8.  Around that time, a few people suggested to me that I should race the Elite race in Kelowna (ITU Pan American Cup), which sounded like a pretty wacky idea.  So I looked into it just for fun and got myself draft-legal certified and submitted my International Competition Card (ICC) application to TriCan.  I found out a few days ago my ICC was approved and I am now on the start list for Elite women in Kelowna this Sunday!

Ummm- what have I gotten myself into?

My trusty old road bike, all ready to go

This will be nothing like any other race I've ever done.  I absolutely need to have a killer swim, ride as hard as possible to not get dropped on the bike, and follow that with a solid run.  I'm aware that my run is nowhere near competitive with the other girls and I'm going to be passed by most of the field (the people who are behind me coming off the bike, anyway, I hope there are some!), but hopefully my swim is competitive and I don't get clobbered too much on the bike.  I'm definitely prepared for that as it's very likely to happen!  The goals for this race are quite simple:

-Finish the race (i.e. don't get lapped on the bike)
-Don't finish last
-Don't embarrass myself
-Have fun!

I know this is an amazing opportunity and I'm grateful for a chance to race with the elite girls.  We'll see what happens on Sunday!

Geoff and I leave super early on Friday morning as apparently there is an elite race briefing at 5pm that is mandatory.  And the rugrats (Hugo & Wylie) are coming along as well!  Road trip with the monsters!



runningman said...

Oh wow, that's exciting!! I'm sure it'll be a excellent experience no matter what happens!! Just go as hard as you can and see what you got, and of course enjoy it!!

Andre said...

Wow, what an opportunity! Enjoy the experience!

Julie said...

Good for you Lisa! This is going to be such an awesome race -- I think you are going to clobber everyone on the swim for sure! Very exciting!! Go give 'er!! :) :)

Joel Maley said...

Know we are rooting for you. Excited to hear you've jumped to the elite ranks and even more excited to see your progess.