Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 highlights

2012 was a good year.  Here are some of the highlights, and other significant happenings...

Stretching pre-marathon in Phoenix in January - my 2nd ever marathon turned into a debacle and I walked/shuffled my way to a 4:08, way off my goal time of sub-3:40.  Decided after this race that I would stick to 1/2 distance races or shorter

 2012 was the year I discovered my passion for cooking and baking!  I started to focus on eating a 'whole foods diet', cutting out a lot of the processed crap and baking my own stuff.  The result of this eating  'clean' was a leaner me (having unintentionally dropped about 8 lbs by the summer), and a significantly positive effect on my race performance.  

St. Albert 10 Miler in the snow in April - managed to crack out a PB at the time, of 1:14.50-ish

May/June trip to Europe - Geoff and I visited 4 countries (N. Ireland, Italy, Greece, England), and went on our first-ever cruise through the Mediterranean
G & I in Corfu, Greece
Belfast, N. Ireland - where most of my family lives

Walking in the maze that is Venice

Beautiful Santorini, Greece 
About to get back on a cruise ship in Santorini

Racing - Summer 2012

I had an awesome season of racing, which included age group wins at Chinook Triathlon, Edmonton ITU age group nationals, and Calgary 70.3.  Also, I knocked out some running personal bests in 2012- new 10km PB of 43:36 and new 10 Mile PB of 1:12.  

Edmonton ITU - Age Group Nationals

Calgary 70.3

In August, I was lucky enough to have the experience of racing in my first ITU elite draft-legal race in Kelowna.  It was quite the $h!t show in the sauna-like conditions but I was happy to finish it and not come dead-last. Haven't decided yet if I will try another one but if I do, I plan to be much better prepared...

My last tri of the year was Banff international in September - I had a superb race and ended up 2nd overall to an Olympian, which was a great way to end the season

What a view

September also brought some major life changes in the Ulrich household - Geoff was accepted to law school in Saskatoon and headed there on his own at the beginning of September.  It's been really tough; however, we're managing well and getting through.  It was fantastic to have him home for 2 weeks at Christmas.  One more semester and then I get to have him home for 4.5 months this summer :)

December 2012
Hugo at Christmas - he looks happy to be wearing his Santa hat!

hanging with my lovely sis Alice over X-mas break - getting dressed up for cocktails and dessert!
Mmmm look at those desserts!

So, cheers to 2013! My New Year's resolution is to blog more!  I will post an update shortly as to what's in store for 2013... in the meantime, happy training!

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Joel Maley said...

Congrats on a great year! Looking forward to following your journey in 2013!