Thursday, January 31, 2013

holding it together

I generally like to keep this here blog positive and optimistic, but this post may stray slightly  from that theme.  It's been a challenging 3 months in every aspect of my life.  And it's hard to believe today is the last day of January!  That makes me happy, as it means spring is that much closer, and race season is just around the corner.  Not that I'm in anything even close to remotely resembling race shape... So all I've been doing these past few months is work, work and more work.  What an absolute shit show it's been. I've had no energy or desire to do much, no time to blog, and training has been mediocre at best.  In November, I actually submitted 90 hours of overtime in a 4 week period - no lies - which is utterly ridiculous.  I've stepped through the door of overworked and right into the open arms of burnout.  And it ain't pretty.  It's been even tougher being separated from Geoff since September while he's away at school.  We still get to see each other every 3 weeks or so, but I miss him so much.  It's been hard.  I consider myself to be an extremely independent person but this experience has really taught me to never take the love of your life for granted, and to cherish the time you do get to spend together.  I try to keep things in perspective and tell myself that it may be hard at the moment, but we're building the foundation for the rest of our lives and in the long term it'll all be worth it.

I've recently begun to make an effort to claw myself out of the burnout hole.  I've put my training back to the top of my priority list, and work has now been bumped down the pile.  It may be where I spend 50-60 hours of my week, but in the grand scheme of things it's just a job, it's not my life.  What's most important to me in this life are my family, my friends, my passions.   I don't live to work, I work to live.  Work can suck it!

It's time to get excited about what's around the corner and what's in store for 2013, racing and triathlon-wise.  I'm slowly starting to build up my workouts.  My biking is definitely well below sub par at the moment, so that's really where the focus needs to be over the next few months, as I've honestly only been getting on the trainer once a week.  My swimming fitness is slowly coming back to a respectable place, although I've only been in the pool twice a week on average, soon to be three.  My aim over the winter is to get in 2-3 hours of strength training and/or hot yoga per week (which realistically has been more like 1-2 hours).

So far I have signed up for only one race in 2013 - Great White North!  Truthfully, I haven't even thought that far ahead, being lost in the fog of burnout, but I do love this race and will be looking to crush my PB like a grape and be competitive in the overall standings.  I haven't committed to any other races yet but I'm likely going to race the Wasa Lake Olympic tri on June 9 (this has been on my bucket list but for some reason I've never made it there), and possibly a couple of other Olympic triathlons, maybe another 1/2 ironman.  No big travel plans this year, as Geoff and I are keeping to a tight budget with him being in school.  My first race of 2013 will likely be the St. Albert 10 Miler on April 15 - here's hoping we get better weather than last year!

In the meantime, I plan to step it up a notch and increase the mileage in the pool, on the trainer, and on the treadmill/trails!  Happy training!



Joel Maley said...

I have been down the burnout route and it takes a lot of mental fortitude to get out of it. At the end of the day it is just a job, but our family and sanity are for the rest of our lives.

Lisa Ulrich said...

Thanks Joel - I totally agree!

mike said...

Lisa it is great that you have caught yourself before getting to deep into the burnout loop. I have no doubt that you will be competitive and this longer break will probably do you good letting a lot of the compounded damage to your muscles fully heal. It is great that you and Geoff are making it work and you are right being separated really makes you appreciate each. I hope all is well and don't forget to qualify for the worlds in Edmonton for 2014.

Lisa Ulrich said...

Thank you, Mike! I hope you guys are doing great and I look forward to hearing your race plans for 2013!