Monday, March 18, 2013

back on track

Soooo... training has been going well lately and my fitness is quickly moving in the right direction.  Finally I am back to where I need to be in the pool.  To get my swimming fitness back, it typically takes several weeks of consistent workouts (3x/week) with some hard sets and then I am able to settle back into a good pace and get my feel for the water back.  This occurred all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago, when i was able to hold 1:15-17 with a little bit of effort, feeling powerful and like I was swimming on top of the water.

In other swimming news, I bought a new wetsuit!  Since I got my last wetsuit in 2006, I thought it was about time for a new one, and there was a deal too good to pass up at United Cycle.  My old one (a Blue Seventy Energie) served me very well, and still happens to be in mint condition after nearly 7 years.  Do wetsuits normally last that long?  The new one - an Orca Sonar - is super frickin' tight so I'll have to practice in it a few times to get used to it and hopefully stretch it out a bit!

Brand spankin new!

My first race for 2013 will be the St. Albert 10 miler, which is 4 weeks from today.  I love this race!  It will be a great training day for me this year, as the course is challenging with some hills.  I will definitely be looking to beat my time from last year.  Last year the weather totally sucked so hopefully this time around Mother Nature will be kind to us and keep the snow away.  Here's hoping.  We just got pounded with 20-30cm of snow in the past few days so it feels like we have gone back in time and it's January again!  Boo.

I also just signed up for Wasa Lake triathlon on June 9.  I've wanted to do this race for years but it's never worked out, so I'm stoked to have this one on my schedule for 2013.  I have heard nothing but good things about this race, and it will be fun to go with my in-law's Deb & Gord and camp out in their trailer!  I am sooo not a camping person, but perhaps a full-service trailer doesn't count as fully camping!  The rest of my race schedule is not set in stone and will likely evolve as we get closer to spring/summer.  I'll mostly be sticking to the local stuff, though - no major trips planned this year.

Here's a couple hard treadmill workouts I have been doing lately:

6's & 7's Hill workout:
20 min W.U.
4-6 x {90 sec @ marathon pace and 6% grade
           60 sec ez
           60 sec @ marathon pace and 7% grade
           2 min ez
*This workout is FREAKIN hard!  I went at 7.5 mph for the hills (which is about a 3:30 marathon pace), and that was tough! It's a great workout for hill training.  Make sure to start moving the incline before the interval starts, so that it is at the proper grade when you are supposed to start the next hill.  You can even do more than 6 sets if you have a lot of time and are crazy, but I've mostly been doing 5 sets as that way the total run time ends up being around 50-55 min.

Pyramid workout:
20min W.U.
1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 4:00, 3:00, 2:00, 1:00 - all fast with 1 min ez between.  I locked it in at 9.0 mph for all intervals, which is a hard pace for me (6:40/mile).  This workout is actually supposed to have a 5:00 interval between the 4's, but I've just been doing up to 4:00 then back down.  Next time I'll add the 5 min interval.

Happy training!