Friday, April 19, 2013

St. Albert 10 Miler

I'd planned to get this race review up earlier, but I've been so consumed by the news coverage this week on the Boston Marathon bombings, a write up on my silly little race seemed so insignificant.  This tragedy certainly hit close to home for runners and triathletes everywhere, and it's still hard to believe.  But here is my write up, anyway:

Last weekend I ran the 10 Miler.  This is one of my favorite races and it's pretty awesome living only 5 minutes from the start line, not to mention the fact that my house is right on the race route (around mile 4).  I joked on the start line to some friends that in case I was having a completely crap race, I had my key with me so I could just duck into my house.  You can't say that at most races!

I picked up some new shoes the day before the race while volunteering at package pick-up - only $80, can't beat that deal!  

The course for the 10 Miler is deceivingly hard, and anything but fast.  There are some strategically placed hills, some during the first 3 miles, and then the rest when you hit around 7 miles, so right at the point when you're exhausted and pretty much ready to be done.  I ran the first 3 miles with one of my training buddies from STARRT (Larry), which felt pretty controlled, then he fell back a little and I did my own thing.  I felt comfortably uncomfortable until about halfway, then it started getting harder.  I went through 5 miles in about 36:40, so I thought in the 13's was within reach if I didn't have a major slowdown.

From about Mile 7-9, I really struggled and my pace slowed considerably.  My legs were sore and I started feeling like crap, which just so happened to coincide with the start of the hilliest part of the race.  Awesome!  I managed to make it up the hills and then finally got to the last mile, which is all flat/downhill.  When I turned the corner to the finish line, a lady ran by me and I said to myself, 'Hellz no, you're not beating me!', and started to SPRINT my ass off.  Not sure where that came from or how, but I did cross the finish ahead of her and then proceeded to nearly throw up.  My legs were pretty much instantly sore, no DOMS action this time around.  

Training partners from STARRT - Larry on the left, Dave on the right; Larry ended up about 20sec behind me and Dave was miles ahead

My final time was 1:14.00 - damn you 1 second - for 6th in my age group.  I'm pretty pleased and I can't complain at all, this is a ~1min PB on this course for me (last year was my previous PB at 1:14.57).  I'd wanted to run in the 1:12's like I did on a flat course back in October, but forgot how hard this hilly course is.  This is actually pretty decent for my haphazard, unstructured, fly by the seat of my pants training this past winter and past few months.  

Next up: not sure yet!  Maybe a 10k running race in May for Mother's Day.  Time to get serious about training and weave some structure into what I'm actually doing.  Let's hope we can start getting outside biking soon - it's utterly ridiculous that it's nearly the end of April and I haven't gotten to ride outside even once!  

And in other news: Geoff arrives home tomorrow for at least the whole summer, can't wait!


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