Monday, May 13, 2013

spring in Alberta - blink and it's gone

So it seems we went directly from winter to summer, skipping spring completely in the process, and I'm not complaining one bit! In the first 2 weeks so far of May, it's been gorgeous.  I've finally been able to get outside on my bike, and have already been out for 5 rides.  The maiden voyage last Saturday was not without its drama- we'd planned for 60k, then ended up inadvertently doing 75k, with everyone running out of water in the process.  I only brought one water bottle.  It was a hot day, too - about 25C!  I managed a 25min "run" off the bike, feeling like death.  My quads were so sore and I could barely move.  Brutal!

Last week I had a solid week of training, which ended with the Mother's Day 10K yesterday.  I went in with tired and sore legs, and planned to use the race as a tempo workout with some good hills.  i had a 3.5 hour training day the day before.  On Friday, I also did my first track workout of the year (a reasonable 5 x 800 on 5:00), which made my legs pretty sore!

On Sunday, I felt like a total piece of crap while I was warming up, and wondered how I'd even make it through the course. I decided to go out really easy for the first kilometer.  This turned out to be a great strategy, as I ended up feeling stronger as the race went on, and I didn't die on the hills, like last year! My legs surprisingly came around.  And while my time was terribly slow and nothing to write home about (48:xx), I placed 5th female OA and 3rd in my AG, which I'm very pleased with.  Not that it's a competitive race at all, but who cares!  Also, I was over 1.5min faster than last year on the same course (WTF was I doing last year?). Oh yeah, I went out way too hard, completely died and felt like $h!t.  It's important to note that this course is not accurate, it's looongg- between 10.5 and 10.7k.  I always thought that measuring out an accurate course would be a simple and straightforward procedure, but apparently it's rocket science.

So anyway, things are on a good track, and I have just under 4 weeks from now to get in shape for my first 'real' race of 2013 - Wasa lake triathlon.  And just under 8 weeks to get in shape for a 1/2 Ironman - GWN.  Right smack in the middle of Wasa and GWN, I'm planning on racing the ITU race.  After GWN, I have no idea what I'm doing.  I honestly have nothing planned and should probably get on that.  I feel like I'm in a better spot fitness-wise than I was last year, especially considering I skipped town right around this time last year for a 2.5 week European vacation where I didn't get to swim or bike the whole time.

This weekend is the annual Jasper cycling trip for STARRT.  I'm excited to be going this year!  There's a crapload of peeps from the club going this year, something like 30 or 40!  I'll have lots of awesome riding partners for the weekend.  Geoff and I will drive up on Friday evening, then long rides are planned for Sat-Sun (90-100km).  We're going to head home late Sunday afternoon and Monday's a holiday so it will be nice to have that full day at home.  I also took this Friday off work so 4-day weekend for me, yippee!

I'll update on the Jasper trip after we return.  Sorry no pics this time - I know, how boring!