Monday, July 1, 2013

Edmonton ITU

Last weekend I raced the Edmonton ITU triathlon, which is always one of my favorites.  We had great weather leading in, and race day arrived with sunshine and temperatures in the low 20's, just perfect for a race!  I didn't do a lot during the week leading up to the race, not because I was necessarily planning a structured taper but more so was lacking in motivation for some reason.  I even took the monday prior completely off - cause everyone's allowed a day off on their b-day!

Race morning I had planned to do a short 15min jog as a warm up after getting my transition together, but as time got away from me I realized as transition was near closing and having worn my racing shoes (with no other shoes with me than flip flops), that it would not be possible.  So no warm up it was! #justgowithit

The best part of this race was getting to see so many friends and STARRT members.  That makes the race so much more fun!  

Christina and I pre-race - tried to get the transition in the background of the pic but didn't work out so well

Swim - 19:10 
This year for the swim we were allowed to wear wetsuits, which was comforting news, as I wanted as little skin as possible exposed to the water.  Last year with a non-wetsuit swim, I ended up with a bunch of red bites on my stomach and back in the days following... EWWW!  However, this year the water was somehow pretty nice!  I lined up at the front with many friends around me.  The start was clean and I ended up swimming beside a guy and right behind another guy.  We swam like this the entire first loop, and on the second loop I was able to pull away and have clear water for the rest of the loop, perhaps pulling the others along but nobody was touching my feet so it didn't bother me at all.  I felt fantastic during the entire swim leg but had no idea what my time was until the results were posted as I didn't have a watch on.  

The course was probably a bit short (not sure how as that course is always accurate and it's such a small lake) but I would say not more than 50-75m.  I've been swimming really well lately and knew I was capable of a sub-20, but a 19-high would be more realistic.

 Swim lap 1 - courtesy of Marathon Photo

 Swim finish - courtesy of Marathon Photo

Bike - 1:07.52
My transition and the bike was uneventful.  This year I strapped my Garmin watch to my bike so I would have some feedback - distance and pace in min/km.  I aimed to be under 17min per lap which would mean I'd beat last year's time of 1:08.  I was hoping to ride a 1:06 and I'm satisfied with a 1:07; although I know I can be faster than that.

It's hard to know where you are on a course like this - 4 laps with different wave starts - but I didn't get passed by any women on the bike except Kristina Schultz, who is always in a league of her own out there! 

Run - 45:26
I didn't feel great starting the run, my legs felt heavy and fatigued.  Halfway through the first out and back 2.5km, Mel MacDonald went by me - she's a friend and just joined STARRT this year so I've been coaching her in the swim.  She was running a good pace so I decided to try and stay with her, and we proceeded to run the rest of the 10k together.  It was fun to have a run buddy out there!  Hopefully she wasn't too annoyed that I was breathing down her neck the whole time! I actually started feeling not too bad and was able to hold a decent pace.  I had grabbed my watch in T2 to wear just for the run, and didn't look at it until 5k in, and my split there was 22:36.  Mel got away from me in the last kilometer or so and I wasn't able to go with her. 

Mel and I - go team!

Doing work

Why do I always look so ungraceful while running?

Finish: 2:16.13 - 1st W30-34, 5th female OA
-->4min faster than my PB on this course (last year)!  Even with the swim a tad short, it's still a big improvement.  I also qualified for Worlds 2014, which is here in Edmonton, and decided to take my qualifying spot.  It's the opportunity of a lifetime to race the Worlds in your own backyard, although the substantial fees associated with it certainly made me think twice about it. At least I won't have to pay for travel and accommodations - imagine, getting to sleep in your own bed for Worlds!  Also, tons of STARRT members and other friends also qualified so it will be incredible to have so many familiar faces doing that race next year!

 W30-34 Podium - I look like a giant compared to the rest of the podium!

Watching the elite race with STARRT friends Christina and Tari - glad to be done!

Next up is Great White North on July 7.  I'm excited about this race as I haven't done it since 2011 when I got the flat tire(s)!  This year the course has changed so we'll see how that unfolds.  I put in a really good week of training last week, with some solid workouts.  This week I'll be tapering down and resting going into the race.  Today I had to fly to Toronto for work (July 1-3), which is less than ideal the week leading up to a big race, but c'est la vie. Hopefully my legs come around for Sunday and the travel/time changes don't screw me up too much!

I'll be taking my bike in to Cam @ Element on Thursday to get a new chainring and chain installed, a 54 tooth big ring as I currently have a 53.  A big thank you to Joel Maley and Andre Ratte for their useful advice and input.  I'm hoping this new set up will be a positive thing for me.  We'll see what happens next weekend!

And now breaking news - just found out a few days ago that Geoff was accepted for his transfer to U of A law (from U of S), so he won't have to move to Saskatoon again at the end of the summer! It's such a relief and I'm so happy that he will be able to finish his degree here, while living at home.  From September to the end of April it was really tough for both of us with him away, and it has been so nice this summer since he's been home.  I had been mentally preparing for him to have to move again at the end of August, and still almost can't believe that he will be staying put at home after August.  Best news ever! 


runningman said...


Just caught up on the two RRs. Well done, good finishes in both and a pay cheque! I've never gotten one of those. Oh but I disagree on one comment, bday is not time for a day off! That's the day you get to do a epic workout. I thought all you swimmers did the 100m X(your age) swim, am I wrong? hee hee I prefer the 38km(38 years old) run I did on my bday! Just teasing you, good luck in GWN!

Joel Maley said...

Nicely done Lisa. Kick some butt this weekend at GWN...I suspect you will bring home a paycheque.

Lisa Ulrich said...

Darryl - a 38km run, wow that is nuts!! Those crazy b-day workouts are not my cup of tea lol! i've done the 100x100 back when I used to club swim, but we always did it during x-mas training camp. What's your next race, any tri's for you this year?

Joel - thank you! Good luck to you as well in Ottawa this weekend :)