Sunday, November 17, 2013


Wow, where did the time go?  It's nearly been 2 months since my last post.   A lot has happened but not much has happened.  

After the Lifetime Tri Arizona, I took a little break to recharge and refresh.  I find I need a certain amount of time off the general swim-bike-run every year, at the end of the season.  Otherwise, I'd go crazy.  I focused on working on strength, hot yoga, running, some intervals, and a swim or two here and there.  I still haven't touched my bike since the race.  Maybe I'll get on it in the next few weeks.  I don't quite understand those who are riding 2-3 hours on the trainer this time of year (with no race on the horizon).  To each his own...

I decided to race the Fall Classic 10 Miler race again on Oct. 20.  I really enjoyed this race last year (ran 1:12.26), and my running this year was going well heading into the race, as I made sure to fit in an interval workout and a tempo run each week for about 4 weeks.  It turned out to be a great day!  The weather was slightly cool (just above zero in the morning), but I went with shorts, t-shirt, arm warmers, and gloves.  It seemed like most people were wearing long tights and jackets, but I get really hot when racing so didn't question my decision.  

This turned out to be one of my most strategic and well-run races of the year. I held back at the start, soon settling into a steady pace, a 'comfortably uncomfortable' pace.  After a couple of kilometers, i noticed i was running stride for stride with a guy.  We continued in this fashion for the rest of the first 5 mile loop, at which point I finally said something - "Great pace! Now we need to do that again", or something dumb like that.  Our split was around 35:30 or so.  During the second and last loop, we chatted a bit, kept each other motivated, and pushed each other, still running stride for stride.  When the pace started slipping, we were able to pick it back up.  I felt incredibly strong and like I was in control of my pace.  Don't get me wrong, it was friggin' hard, but I was able to really push myself and not fall off the pace that had been set.  

It was awesome to have someone pushing me along and keeping me motivated the whole race.  I'd never met him until during the race (found out his name was Keven), but learned he was running a lot faster than he had last year, and was in for a big PR.  It was great teamwork!  We crossed the finish line in 1:11.30 (he was 4 seconds faster in the results, must have started behind me), which was a 1 minute PR for me, and an average of 7:09/mile!  I was thrilled with the result and my overall execution of the 10 miles.  Next stop, sub-1:10!  

What else has been up?

We had one of the most beautiful Falls I can remember, with vivid colors.  Maybe it stood out so much because we actually got an Fall this year?  Mostly we just skip right from summer to winter.  Regardless, Fall is ancient history now - we just got totally slammed with Ol' Man Winter this weekend... boo

I got to spend some time with my lovely sister in Vancouver in October.  I had to be there for work for a couple days (actually flew out the same day as the Fall Classic race!), and I stayed with Alice, as she lives right downtown.  Enjoying ourselves at a cute little wine bar...

My little munchkins on Halloween! 

That's it for now.  I plan on being a bit more consistent with updates so you'll definitely hear from me again soon!

Happy training!