Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Gig

Last post I indicated I had some news to share and that it was coming in early January.  I guess it's early February now, my bad.  Anyway, it's good news and exciting at the same time - I left my corporate 9-5 job!  I had been miserable there for quite some time, and made the risky decision to remove myself from the corporate rat race.  My last day with the company was Jan. 17, so it's only been a couple of weeks, but I couldn't be happier so far!

Concurrent with my decision to leave, some new opportunities landed my way.  I have been lucky enough to join up with Aerobic Power Training Systems as one of their assistant triathlon coaches.  I'm loving it thus far!  Things are already quite busy for me.  I've been  leading computrainer sessions each week, and as of this week we've started up a new swim program for the club which I'll be coaching, and I am also coaching a 12 week newbie triathlon program - called 'Learn to Triathlon' (4 sessions a week).  APTS is an amazing team full of incredible and supportive athletes who work their butts off to reach their goals and enjoy themselves in the process.  A big shout out to head coach Kevin Masters as well, he has been very welcoming, supportive and helpful to me, and I have loads to learn from him!  Very excited to be involved in this journey and finally working in my passion!

I've got a few other work projects on the go to keep me busy as well.  I'm doing some contract work for the company I just left, which is working out great as I can do that on my own time at home.  My new schedule is awesome as I have lots of flexibility now and I am in control of my hours during the day.  I'm now coaching at 6am four mornings a week and slowly getting used to those 5am wake ups!

I've been able to structure my own training a lot better and fit in more quality workouts during the day.  I'm already getting stronger and starting to increase the volume and hours a bit.  I feel like my fitness is coming back.  At the beginning of January, I ended up getting the H1N1 flu, which first started as a respiratory illness and lingering cough.  I took a couple days off, got back into training too quickly, and then a week later was sidelined with a more severe case of flu, and literally couldn't get out of bed for 2 days.  I actually had to take 2 sick days from work - my first 2 sick days in over 5 years!!  This happened during my last week of work with my company, not ideal but what can you do.

For races this year, I've committed to racing IM Lake Tahoe on Sept. 21!  I haven't done an IM since 2011, and I'm really excited to tackle this craziness again and will be able to prepare properly for this one.  This course/race is more challenging than many, but the harder the better!  I've recruited an awesome training partner to do this race with me - Ailsa M.  She's a wicked fast runner and strong biker so our strengths complement each other really well.  We've been doing some spinerval trainer rides, runs, swims and strength workouts together already, and we live only about 5 minutes from each other which is really convenient.  Awesome to have a training partner for this!

Go BIG or go home!!

I'm still racing ITU age group Worlds on Sept. 1, which is 3 weeks before the IME, but I think the timing will work out okay for me.  Other than that, I'm planning on a few local Olympic distance tri's this summer, maybe a 1/2 marathon in May, and I have no plans for a 1/2 Ironman this summer.  

Happy Training!!

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