Friday, December 26, 2014

New stuff

Some cool stuff has been happening up here lately.  First of all, I am happy to report that I was chosen to represent Coeur Sports as a Brand Ambassador for 2015.   This is an awesome opportunity and I'm very excited to be a part of this fabulous company.  The meaning of their name is 'Heart and Courage', their mission is to create the best fitting, functional, and comfortable women's clothing in endurance sports, and their main objective for the Ambassador team is to encourage more women to get active and involved in endurance sports.  They have really cool and funky gear, too, and I'll be racing in one of their stylish race kits for 2015.  This will be a really neat experience and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.  Bring on 2015!

I'm on here! Can you find me?

I've been slowly increasing my training hours, mostly in swim/bike/weights/yoga.  I haven't been running too much as I'm still nursing a sore heel.  I'm being very careful as I have a self-diagnosed case of mild plantar fasciitis and I don't want it to progress into anything worse.  So I've only been running about twice a week, just shorter easy recovery pace runs (45min or so), no long runs and no speedwork.  I've been managing it myself with some strengthening exercises on my own, icing, and rolling/stretching.  My background is in exercise rehabilitation after all, so I figure I should be able to handle it myself.  The heel doesn't actually hurt when I run but I'm being cautious and taking this opportunity to work on my biking and swimming.  

My swimming has started to come back around after the lazy break I had in the fall, and I'm feeling good in the pool with some speed showing through again.  I did a sprint set the other day and was quite pleased with it - 2 sets of 10 x 50 all-out effort on 1:30, holding 34-35 for all 20.  Sprint sets are not my favourite but they are certainly needed to push that max speed up.  But I'll take a longer distance set at threshold over sprints any day!

I've been biking quite a bit, and working hard on the trainer.  And, I picked up my new bike on the weekend, and have ridden it a couple times now.  It's pretty awesome!  I will do a separate post on my bike soon, but for now here's a little sneak peek:

 Looks fast, even from this angle

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