Sunday, January 4, 2015

My new ride

Happy New Year!!  Just wanted to share the details regarding my new bike.  So....I've had my new ride for a couple weeks now, and it's pretty awesome!  It's a sweet superbike, and although I'm still getting used to it and tweaking the position every so often, it should be fast once I can get it out on the open road (in February!).

Sleek, fast, and pretty - and unnamed as of yet

Okay, here's the breakdown:

Frame: Felt IA4 
Size: 51cm
Aerobar: Felt Dagger f-bend with nano base bar
Saddle: ISM Attack (this is what it came with but I plan to switch to the Cobb V-flow plus, which is what I have on my other bike.  I can't seem to get used to the ISM, even though I rode one of these a few years ago).  
Pedals: Speedplay
Drivetrain: Shimano Ultegra dérailleur; Shimano 11 speed chain and cassette
Crankset: Vision 53/39.  I will soon be switching the cranks to Ultegra 172.5mm, (I have those cranks on order at Element). The current cranks are only 167.5mm and I'm used to riding 172.5.
Wheels: Felt TTR3

Since this bike is an 11 speed, and my Zipps are from 2008, they are not compatible in their current state.  I do have a few options: 
-change the hub and cassette on the wheels, which would likely cost around $500-600.
-sell the wheels and upgrade to newer ones compatible with 11 speed
-switch the bike from 11speed to 10speed (least attractive option)
-rent a rear wheel from Race Day Wheels (for IM Texas) 

At this point, I'm not really sure what I'm going to do but my first race isn't until May so I have some time to figure it out.  Renting a rear wheel for the race sounds like a good option, but that doesn't solve any problems for future races.  Anyway. 

 Getting all dialled in at Element - looking aerodynamic in jeans, cardigan, and Uggs 

I'll be able to get the new bike out on the open road in February, which will include a trip to Arizona with Geoff for a 1/2 marathon and lots of training, especially biking.  I haven't been running much, so not really sure about this 'race', but we'll see, as there are still about 6 weeks to go.  It will likely be a train-thru race.  I hope to get some long rides in that week and some good volume in the saddle.  Can't wait for some sunshine and warmth!  

Crazy to think that IM Texas is less than 5 months away. Ahhh!! Time to get serious.  I've got a good outline of what I need to accomplish over the next few months, and that includes a whole lot of trainer rides!  Lots of swimming as well, and I'll be starting to build up the volume in the pool now that it's January, with one long aerobic endurance swim each week.

Happy training!

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