Friday, March 13, 2015

The injured list

I've been back a few weeks now from a short little trip to Phoenix where I did some training and a half marathon, which I was absolutely not trained for.  I was able to nail down a really solid week of training while away.  Geoff and I flew down on Valentines Day, and didn't arrive at his parent's house until about 9pm.  My brother Donald from Calgary also joined us for the week, and it was awesome to see him and catch up.

The next morning, Deborah and I were up at 5am for the IMS Arizona half marathon.  I have never been so unprepared for a race before, in terms of training prep!  Since November, I've done only a handful of 60min runs, and a couple runs longer than 60 - one run that was 70min and a 75min run a week before the race.  I've been dealing with some injuries since the fall, including a mild plantar fasciitis in my left heel and a right hip problem.  The race went according to plan, which was to start very easy and run a comfortable pace, and hopefully be able to finish!  I ended up running a big negative split, with the second half 2 minutes faster than the first.  We went out super slow, and at the halfway point I was feeling pretty good so picked it up a little.  My overall time wasn't fast (1:48), but I was pleased with it and ended up 4th in my age group. [ In hindsight, I probably should not have done this race, as I've had a setback with my hip since I've been home :(  ]

The next 4 days after that race, my quads were about the sorest they have ever been. It was hard to even stand up on the bike.  I think the shock of running 13.1 miles on the pavement on my musculoskeletal system combined with my lack of run volume wreaked havoc on my poor muscles.  Ouch!  

 Deb and I post race on a picture perfect day

a little shopping at the outlets following the race

Nonetheless, I had planned out my training for the rest of the week, which included a lot of biking on my new ride.  It's awesome!  It not only looks pretty sweet, but it has a built in motor and everything!  Ha.  I was really comfortable on the bike, and knocked off a 150km ride on the Wednesday, and still feeling strong by the end of it! 

Taking selfies pre-ride the day after the 1/2 mary 

Loving the AZ sunshine

Enjoying a glass of wine before dinner with the hubby

 AZ sunsets are the best

Since I've been home from the trip, my right hip soreness worsened and I was limping a bit.  On a run two weeks ago, I had to start walking and ended up limping/hobbling back home, completing an hour.  Not good.  So the past two weeks I did some water running, a couple hours a week to see if that would settle things.  I went to the doctor and got a requisition for an injection, which I had two days ago.  It sounded like it was a greater trochanteric bursitis, which is why I got the injection.  This seemed to improve things and it is feeling better, but definitely not 100%.  One good thing is that my heel pain has improved and doesn't really hurt much at all any more.

So I'm on the injured list.  My plan of racing IM Texas on May 16 is looking a little grim at this point.  I tried a 20min run today, and it felt better than it has in a while, but I haven't gotten in any significant run mileage, and the race is only 9 weeks away.  My biking and swimming has been going very well, and I'm actually in good shape in terms of those disciplines right now.  But I'll see how this weekend goes, as I'm going to try a 60min run tomorrow and see what happens.  I have until the end of March to withdraw from Texas with a small refund, or transfer my entry to a different race.  This is new territory for me as I have never had an injury, in the 12 years I have been in this sport.  I think the significant training I did last year in preparation for Lake Tahoe, plus trying to train for another Ironman this year may be part of the cause, and the big volume week I did in Arizona maybe was a bit much.

I'm blaming it all on the fiasco of the Lake Tahoe race cancellation.  I was ready and prepared for that race, then didn't get to actually race, then I started to train again for another IM when I wasn't even  planning to do one this year. It's totally frustrating as it is one Ironman disappointment after another.  Maybe it is a sign that I should not be doing an Ironman? Hmmm.

In other exciting news, I got my Team Coeur race kit in the mail from Coeur Sports and it is gorgeous!  I will definitely be looking sharp and fast in this kit when I get to race next, whenever that may be...

Loving the pink!