Monday, April 27, 2015

SKINS compression - product review

I recently had the opportunity to try out some really cool compression gear from SKINS and wanted to share a review.  I've been wearing the Compression Recovery Tights from SKINS for several weeks now and so far I'm liking them!  These are awesome for wearing after tough workouts.

SKINS compression recovery RY400 tights

The recovery compression levels have been designed to improve blood circulation, to accelerate the recovery process, to increase muscle oxygenation, and reduce exercise-induced muscle damage, among other benefits.  In essence, to help you to recover faster.  SKINS has a lot of evidence-based articles on their website in regards to the science behind the graduated compression, so it is clear they have conducted a lot of useful research in designing and testing their garments.

Perfect for recovering and while I'm stretching and rolling

I've been wearing the recovery tights after tough sessions, and frequently wear them when lounging around the house.  I've even worn them to the pool in the afternoon after completing a hard bike session in the morning!  They're very comfortable with flexibility of movement, and as soon as you take them off, your legs feel awesome!  I haven't yet tried sleeping in them, but I may be inclined to do this very soon as I get into some pretty big training days for Ironman.  I think my legs would feel completely amazing in the morning after wearing the tights for a whole night.  I'll be using these as a recovery tool more and more as my training load increases over the next 8 or so weeks.

These tights are tight!  

SKINS also has a whole bunch of other compression gear, including calf sleeves, socks, tops, sports bras, shorts, capri's, tri shorts and tri-suits, and even thermal compression tops for those cold, miserable, snowy run days in the winter (which are hopefully behind us for the next while!).  They also have active compression gear, which can be worn during training to improve blood flow and circulation to deliver more O2 to the muscles.  The next item of SKINS I plan to get my hands on is the A400 3/4 length tight, which provide specific compression over the ITB and TFL muscles, exactly where I need the help!  I think these would be great to run in.  I'll let you know soon!

Bottom line, this gear rocks for recovery!

Happy Training!