Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Change of Plans

Wow, June already?   Spring is flying by and we're pretty much into full summer mode around here.  Last time I wrote I had mentioned my plan to race IM Texas was sort of up in the air due to injuries.  At the very end of March, I made the decision to transfer out of Texas and into Coeur D'Alene at the end of June, to give myself more time to prepare and hopefully get past the injuries.  I chose CDA as Geoff will be able to go down with me and we can just drive to the race.  

This turned out to be a wise decision and since that time, my training has been pretty consistent.  I've spent the past 8 weeks slowly building my running back, not to the level where I would like it, but to a level where at least I should be able to get through the race.  I don't have a very big running base to draw from this past winter and early spring, but here's hoping all the miles I put in last year training for Lake Tahoe will carry through!  

My hip has improved significantly in the past month, and aside from the odd twinge here and there, it is not giving me a lot of trouble.  Mainly all I have been doing is a dedicated stretching and rolling routine every night before I go to bed, for about 10-15min including stretches for the hip, calves, heel, foam rolling, which seems to be doing the trick.  My hip is unfortunately not perfect, by any means, and for some reason this week has started to act up, a little different pain than it was previously.  Grrr!  My heel unfortunately is still always sore, but overall it is not preventing me from running.  It doesn't hurt too much while running, but later that day and evening it will worsen a bit.  I am doing a good job of managing it and monitoring it, but 7 months of this crap is pretty darn annoying.  

Runnin' down a dream, wearing my lovely Coeur Sports trucker hat 

This is what I have been doing on a daily basis with my heel for the past month or so, at least a couple times a day, which has really helped to improve the pain, it hurts like a mother-f while doing it but it's what needs to be done, and has been the most beneficial in terms of breaking up the bunched tissue.  You have to put a lot of pressure on it and really dig in.   I've also been doing this same thing with the Trigger Point therapy ball and it definitely helps. 


Getting through that marathon in one piece is really going to be tough for me, not aerobically but in terms of my musculoskeletal system.  It's tough enough as it is when you are healthy and not dealing with injury issues!  Obviously it will require a lot of mental fortitude and strategy to keep on keeping on when things start to get really tough.  I have been thinking about that a lot lately and trying to formulate a plan of where I am going to draw strength from when my entire body is hurting and the legs and lungs are screaming at me to stop.  I think if you can go into it prepared to expect that these things are going to occur, that you will go through some really dark places during the race, then you will be better equipped to deal with them when they arrive. 

Lots of running has been happening on the beautiful trails in St. Albert

Overall, I am simply happy and excited that I am going to be able to race another Ironman!  This will technically be the 3rd Ironman in the past year that I have been registered for/attempted, and this one is going to happen!  The first was Lake Tahoe in September, and we all know how that debacle turned out.   The next was IM Texas, which I was registered and training for but didn't happen due to injury.  So... 3rd time's a charm, right?  And this also happens to be my 3rd ever Ironman.  CDA was also my very first Ironman back in 2006, and I have fond memories of that race and experience.  It was definitely a crazy day, right in the middle of a heat wave with temperatures reaching 36-37C, but I enjoyed myself out there and got through it in one piece, not doing too bad (12:35 - Swim :54, Bike 6:27, Run 5:05).

First OWS of the year on June 1 with two of my charges - Jocelyn and Ashley

Right now it's less than 4 weeks to go till race day.  I've got two really big weeks of training - this week and next week, and then 2 weeks tapering off.  I'm going to do a little warm up/tune-up race on June 13 - a sprint triathlon in Westlock, as well as a couple of the Mid Week Tri series races on June 9 and 16.  These are very short races and it is a brand new race series so always important to support the local race community.  Looking forward to these short little bursts of intensity!

Happy training!

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