Monday, December 28, 2015


Wow, I don't think I've ever gone this long without a blog update!  It's been months!  I thought I'd better sneak in one last post in before the year is over and 2016 is upon us.  Okay, here goes...

What have I been up to since the summer?  It seems so long ago now and almost moot!  I ended up doing one more race at the very beginning of August, the Chinook pro-chase triathlon, which was an Olympic distance race where my legs somehow forgot to show up.  The women were against the men and had a good head start, like a pursuit race.  Super fun format! I had a good swim and led the women out of the water, then proceeded to crash while mounting my bike (#rookiehour) and the rest of the ride did not improve from there.  I had absolutely no spark that day and struggled through the 10km run, finishing way far back from the leaders and miles from my potential.

Race ready!  At least my bike looked fast...

We stayed in a little cabin right on Sylvan Lake - the views were spectacular!

Me and the mother in law post-race!

After Chinoook, I decided to end my season there, as I was still dealing with a sore heel and a hip problem.  The rest of August was spent biking for fun with friends, doing a bit of running and some track workouts, and I took about a 2 week break from swimming.  

Late summer ride in the hot sun

Late August ride with Ailsa, my awesome training partner

Monday evening track workouts

October was a busy month with travel the first three weekends (combination of work and fun).  On October 9, Ashley and I flew to Louisville, KY to meet up with Ailsa, Barry, and a couple of my athletes who were racing IM LOU.  It was a fun trip, and I discovered that spectating and sherpa'ing an Ironman is exhausting work!  Lots of logistics to maneuver around.  The finish line was incredible, though, watching the emotions of athletes running down the chute to cross the finish.  Made me want to do another one!  Our crew did awesome, with 2 PB's for the veterans, great race for Barry's first ever Ironman, and a Kona qualifier for Ailsa in her first crack at the distance.  She's a natural! 

IM LOU's electric finish line in downtown Louisville

The following weekend, I drove to Banff for my future sister in law's bachelorette party.  My lovely sister drove in from Prince George for the weekend as well, and it was so wonderful to see her.  We had fun catching up!

A long run in Banff - which had been good at this point but then it went south pretty quickly as my hip became very sore and I had trouble the entire second half of the 90min run. 

After the hip problem resurfaced with a fury during that run in Banff, I took a week off running to let it settle, then went to see a sports med doctor a couple weeks later.  He thought it might be a tendinopathy or tendinosis of one of the hip flexor tendons, and advised backing off and taking a rest from running.  So I took a whole month off of running, the longest break I think I've ever had from running.  To be honest, I actually didn't mind at all!  I quite enjoyed the break, eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted (I always have to plan what I'm eating carefully around my runs), and instead focused on hot yoga, trainer rides, strength work, and swimming.  My hip improved a lot.  

Geoff and I headed to Arizona on Nov. 23 for a week, for a little vacay.  It was awesome, as always:

My first run back after my extended break - I went stupidly slow and easy and it was great!  Was so happy to be back running again. 

Swims in an outdoor pool in the sun are the best!

Deborah and did a fun little race while in Arizona on Thanksgiving.  It was a reverse triathlon, which consisted of a 2mile run, 12mile bike, and 400m serpentine swim.  It was so much fun!  I didn't bring my bike down with my, so borrowed Gord's old road bike.  And obviously I hadn't run for a month, so just went easy keeping my heart rate at 145 on the 2 mile run and let everyone go.  The bike was 3 loops of 4 miles, so it was fun with all the turns and passing people.  My favourite part was the swim! It was a long course pool, and you went up one lane and down the next until you made your way across the whole pool.  It was fun doing flip turns and pushing off under the lane rope.  I must have made a lot of ground in that short swim as I ended up 1st in my age group!  Deborah won her age group as well!  It was definitely a unique format and I quite enjoyed racing from the back and moving my way up through the bike and swim, as it's usually the opposite!  

Age group winners!

Coming up... looking forward to the New Year, less than a week left of 2015!  Also looking forward to my littlest brother's wedding on Jan. 2.  We have a few relatives coming from Great Britain.  My aunt is staying at my dad's house, and it's been so great to see her as it had been 3 years since I last saw her when I was in Belfast! We had a wonderful Christmas with the family and lots of the usual delicious food and goodies.  

In other news, I am very grateful to have been chosen to represent the awesome Coeur Sports team as an Ambassador for the second year in a row!  This is a wonderful team and community of incredible, supportive, and encouraging women.  I'm so happy to be a part of it!