Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bump Update - 22 Weeks

Just thought I would post a little update on how things have been going with this twin pregnancy thing, tomorrow I'll be 23 weeks along.  It's amazing how fast time is moving and the weeks are just flying by.  And crazy to think that there are likely only just over 3 months to go before these twins arrive.  Right now Geoff and I are trying to sell our townhouse (that has absolutely no room for two new additions) and find a new house to move into by end of May, so yes this is a bit of a tight timeline.  Lots to do, so little time...

Was able to [barely] squeeze into my lovely new Coeur kit to grab a team pic at 19 weeks along.  The babies' bump didn't really pop and make an appearance until around this time (18-19 weeks).

The ever expanding bump at nearly 22 weeks, there's no hiding it now!

We found out the sex of the twins at the 2nd ultrasound on Feb. 23 and they're both girls!  Also just a couple weeks ago I started to notice the first movements, and the frequency has increased every week since then.  No strong kicks or anything yet, but more like light tapping and fluttering. There is a daily flutter of activity going on in my belly, which I imagine will just continue to increase!

Aversions - none.  I'm eating all the regular foods I ate pre-pregnancy just more of it.
Cravings - none.  I like to think it's because I am eating a very balanced diet and getting all the right nutrients and food my body needs, so it is not craving anything in particular.  But who really knows?

Drinking tons of water, probably 3L a day or more.  Heartburn occurs daily, but I carry Tums around with me and take 2-3 of them each day which seems to manage it.

Still aiming for 6-7 hours a week of working out in my comfort zone (well lately closer to 6), but some weeks this has been less when I am hitting a wall and feeling extremely tired, such as this past week.
-Swimming has been going well, I still feel really good in the water and can still comfortably swim 1:28's for repeat 100's with easy effort.  Still doing flip turns, I'm not sure when you are supposed to stop these, or if you can keep doing them even with a huge belly?  Not sure if anyone knows the answer to this.  I'll find out for myself in the next few months and report back.
-Still doing a couple power walks on the treadmill each week for 45-50min with 4x5min or 5x5min hill repeats at 4mph, keeping HR around 120-125.  Feeling good in these.
-Biking I have been doing once a week, but my position has become quite uncomfortable and not sure how long I'll be able to keep doing this on my TT bike.  I'll try a few modifications and then may stick the road bike on the trainer instead.
-Strength - about once a week for weights and strength at home, but aiming to bump this up to maybe twice.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty out of shape and I really really miss running, especially now that spring is nearly here and most of the snow is gone!  Haven't run since January 30 :(

Generally okay, but extremely low on some days.  I get winded and breathless just walking up the stairs and I can feel my HR pounding increasing.  During the day I am usually not super tired, but sometimes the evening hits and I feel so tired I nix the planned workout and can barely make dinner.  Days where I am up at 5am to coach are particularly tiring.  Apparently my ferritin levels (iron storage) are low again (just found out this week) so this may partially explain my feelings of tiredness all the time.  My hemoglobin is fine though, so I am not anemic.  I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow again so will figure out if I need to increase the amount of the iron supplement I take every day.  Anemia is actually quite common in multiple pregnancies and is not a good thing.

My sleep is still excellent, I pretty much fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow and I do have a sound sleep.  Not sure how long this will continue.  I don't get enough sleep on the nights I have to get up at 5am for coaching the next morning (6.5 hours), but I make up for it the other nights and usually get around 8.5-9 hours on those nights.  Sometimes I will wake up early but then I fall back asleep.  Rarely do I have to get up to pee during the night.

Weight Gain:
22-23 lbs and counting!  Feeling huge.  At work I mainly wear leggings and tunics or long cardigan/sweaters.  My yoga capri's/pants and track pants, etc still fit and are still comfortable.  I got a few tanks from Lululemon (cool racerback style) that fit really well since they're long, and I just went up a size higher.  Also ordered a few tees/tanks from Coeur Sports  and again ordered a size higher than I usually wear, and they all fit great.  I love their cute tees, especially this 'I Love Bikes' tank!

Haven't gotten myself too many maternity clothes yet, just a maternity dress from the Bay I needed for a work conference/trade show, but this will change as today I just made a big order of Old Navy maternity tees/tanks/maxi dress/skirts that is shipping to my in-laws place in the States as for some reason they don't ship maternity to Canada.  I am going to need these for the warmer weather that is hopefully just around the corner!  I'll probably continue to wear leggings/capri leggings/maxi skirts/dresses, long cardigan sweaters, and tees/tanks under those and hopefully can get away with that for my work wardrobe.  For the pool I have just this week gone up to a size 34 swimsuit which seems to fit well; sadly, the 32's were getting a little too snug and had to be retired.  I've been doubling up my suits and wearing two at a time which gives better support.

I'm still working full time, coaching 5-6 sessions a week of swim groups and track, and managing my athlete's programs and training plans (those I do on the weekend).  So basically working about 45-50 hours a week, which is maybe a bit too much and probably also contributing to how tired I am all the time.  I'm going to continue coaching the morning sessions until beginning of May, and I will work at my full time job until the end of May.

That's it for now.  I'll post another update in a few weeks at which time it will hopefully be full-on spring mode around here!


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