Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bump update - 31 weeks

I can't believe how quickly the time is passing! It's really hard to believe it is mid-May already.  The past 4 weeks has been a little crazy and stressful with a lot going on. 3 weeks ago our beloved Hugo had a sudden seizure at night, and we took him to the emergency vet.  It sounded most likely as though it was a brain tumour, which is not treatable and is fatal.  Brain tumours are apparently common in Boston Terriers.  They kept him for about 24 hours and we were able to take him home when he was stable.  Geoff and I were so upset and distraught all weekend at the thought that we were going to lose our Hugy at such a young age (7 years old). It was basically tied for the worst weekend of my life. We were able to get Hugo in for an MRI scan and appointment with the neurologist in the Calgary CARE clinic a few days later, as we just wanted to know for peace of mind.

The specialist told Geoff after the scan that it was actually an auto immune disorder causing the symptoms - encephalitis which is basically inflammation in the brain.  We were really surprised. It is a mostly treatable and possibly even curable condition.  We were cautiously optimistic, and Hugo was put on some meds and the plan was for an injection protocol every 3 weeks for a period of time, and hopefully start to taper off the meds after 6 weeks.  He is doing well so far, he has lost some muscle and strength but other than that he is doing all his normal activities.  I'm hoping for the best and that he responds to the injections and meds and keeps improving.  Fingers crossed.

Now on to the bump update:

How Far Along: 31 weeks tomorrow

Symptoms/Energy: Since I hit the 3rd trimester, I have been feeling pretty tired!  Not falling asleep all over the place tired, but just overall fatigue.  I get out of breath quite easily.  Still dealing with a bit of acid reflux but got a prescription for Ranitidine/Zantac from the doctor (safe to take) and it has been controlled with that.  Not really any other symptoms or aches and pains - and no back pain.  I think I have strong core and back muscles so I think that really helps you to avoid getting back pain and lordosis when the belly gets big.  Last week my feet swelled up for a few days but then they went back to normal so not sure what was up with that.

Exercise: To be honest, not really doing a helluva lot these days.  I was good through the first two trimesters and able to fit in pretty much daily workouts, but I slowed down significantly once I hit 3rd trimester.  All I have been doing is swimming (2-3x/week) and walking.  Walking the dogs for 20-30min seems to be a workout now.  Swimming is still good, I've been doing about 2000-2200m each workout, but in the past week or two I noticed I am so much slower!  I am still able to flip turn, just have to dive a bit deeper into the turn :)

 Planned workouts sometimes turn into this (more often than not these days)

Playing around during my swim workout the other day

Sleep: I am still sleeping really well.  I keep waiting for that to change, as all I hear is that nobody gets any sleep during the last part of their pregnancy.  I don't use one of those pregnancy pillows, usually just one of the dogs to cuddle with! LOL.  Hugo has been getting up in the middle of every night to go outside to pee, so I have been getting up when I hear him to let him out for that (or Geoff will).  Other than that, I'm sleeping soundly.  I've always been an excellent sleeper so maybe that helps.  

Weight Gain: Two weeks ago I had gained 32 lbs, so by now I'm likely up 34-35 lbs.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so they will weigh me.  Everyone keeps saying 'oh you're so tiny, how do you have twins, etc'.  I've definitely gained a healthy amount of weight so far, and at the ultrasound this past week the estimated weights of the babies were 3.1 and 3.3 lbs, which is how much a singleton would weigh at this stage! So they are growing well.  Hoping they are both over 5 lbs when I deliver. One of the twins gained over a pound in 3 weeks! Of course, these are estimated weights and not actual weights but hopefully they not too far off.  Anyway, all the weight I have gained seems to be in the belly and boobs, and not really anywhere else (other than blood volume, placentas, etc which you can't see), so it must be going to all the right places.  There is constant activity in my belly, with these two kicking, moving around, etc.  They are quiet and sleep at night though :)

 Babies bump at 27 weeks

The babies bump today 4 weeks later - a whole lot bigger than even 4 weeks ago!  Basically I think I'm about the size of what a full-term singleton pregnancy would be!

Work: I am still working at my job, and May 31 will be my last official day.  The doctor said I should be only working part time by now and had originally wanted me to stop working around 25-26 weeks, but there are only a couple weeks left.  There is so much to do and I'm not ready to be off work!  I'm also down to coaching one early morning session a week, on Fridays, plus 3 swim sessions in St. Albert (two evenings, and Saturday morning).  I do all my athlete programs on the weekends.

Looking forward to: Drinking coffee again, red wine, getting back into shape, and meeting these two tiny humans growing inside of me.  I still can't believe we are having twins, it hasn't completely sunk in yet and perhaps it won't until they actually arrive.

Other: Geoff and I are moving to our new house on May 25, so we just started packing stuff here. Our condo still has not sold, which sucks, but we're hoping once we move and it is empty maybe that will help.  So excited to get in our new home, which is only about 5 minutes down the road.  There is a lot to do still! And so little time.

That's it for now... I will update again soon.


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